Guardians of
Genuine Artistry

TruLux provides an AI-driven solution for authenticating and tracing luxury items, ensuring their authenticity and offering safe transactions for all customers. Utilizing advanced sensing technology, our platform tracks items throughout their lifecycle, preserving brand integrity and enhancing customer engagement with comprehensive provenance data.
Where Luxury Meets Innovation

Where Luxury
Meets Innovation

High-accuracy visual inspection via modern phone camera and cloud AI provide instant trust in online transactions with end-to-end verification. It enables cross- sell opportunities; e.g. insurance, similar item deals, sale listing preparation and native marketplace. Big data analysis of transactions on the high value customer data collected provides unique insights.


Vision AI and ML to analyze items, verify their authenticity based on microscopic details and defects and use the same biometric information to create and validate a unique fingerprint.

Using multimodal analysis and various sensors (image, sound and others) to identify with ultra high accuracy whether the item is authentic, even if only parts of it are authentic.

Detect whether modification and or maintenance have been carried out on the item.

Fingerprint can be stored in item NFT for Web3 use cases.

Provide a full report on discrepancies vs. original model.


Assured Authenticity

Definitive verification of luxury items' genuineness.

Evolving Protection

Constant adaptation to new counterfeiting methods.

Preservation of Integrity

Non-intrusive methods protect the item's condition.

Rapid Verification

Swift and efficient authentication processes.

Enhanced Brand Trust

Bolstering consumer confidence in product legacy.

Financial Savings

Minimize losses and liabilities associated with counterfeit items in inventory.

Our Team

Dionis Teshler - Founder & CEO

Dionis Teshler

Founder & CEO

German Voronov - Co-founder & CTO

German Voronov

Co-founder & CTO

Yury Zaryadov

Co-founder & VP Engineering

Yael Ayalon

VP Marketing